Are You Prepared to Shock?
And, leave them in Awe!
Are you ready to surprise and delight people? Everyone will want to know what is inside. They're simply irresistible. From the receptionist to the CEO, they will all want to see what you have put together.

It doesn't matter who told you about Shock & Awe boxes. They're right these things work.

Most people are to scared to even try and use one of these amazing cases. They fear rejection and humiliation and good for them. Because, those brave enough to use them get amazing results. 

These are for the courageous marketer who wants to be seen as different. Who needs to rise above their competition. Who want their highly targeted prospects calling and saying that case was so cool, can you tell me more.

We've made it easy for you by building these rugged cases, and dealing with all the technological challenges so you can focus on your shock and awe message. 

Leverage your book, your online sales video, and your other marketing assets. Bring them together and create one kick ass presentation your customers will never forget.

Shock and Awe Box Digital
  •  12" Wide Screen HD (1280x800) LED Digital Picture  
  •  Autoplays MP4 movie 
  •  SDHC Memory card included
  •  Built-in Speakers
  •  Features customizable "pick and pluck" foam
  •  Rechargeable battery pack (charger included)
  •  Weight: 7 lbs
Who Else Wants a Shock and Awe Case?

ONLY $489.00 USD
Shipping and Handling in North America Included.
Case Details:
  •  Silver color heavy duty aluminum structure,Chromed metal corner, Black ABS Coating side panels, Grey color High-density foam inside.
  •  Overall dimension: Length:17 Width:14 1/4 Depth:6 1/2 inches
  •  Interior dimension: Length:16 Width:12 3/4 Depth:4 inches
  •  Interior foam color: Black

Successfully shipped these cases with UPS (even with real handcuffs on the handle), USPS, and as baggage with United Airlines inspected by TWA, and Canadian Customs. 

Optional Laser Etched Logo Plate 

Require greyscale artwork in Adobe Illustrator format. (.ai file)

You can have whatever you like etched as long as we get a greyscale (no color) .ai file, and the plate can be any size you like.
It will add weight to the case and has an extra charge depending upon the quantity required.

Call for more information on Laser Etched Logo Plates.
Want a Shock and Awe Case?

ONLY $489.00 USD
Shipping and Handling in North America Included.
Do you get the cases back?

Yes, if you provide the instructions to the recipient and a prepaid shipping label they just have to put on the outside. Make it easy for the recipient to just put the label on and call for pickup.

How long does it take to get one?

We stock a small number of cases. Individual orders will be shipped with 48 hours usually. We are highly accessible to you and will communicate with you exactly when your cases will ship. 

What do I have to do when I get it?

Remove the Memory card from the screen as show in the video above. Delete the video and put your MP4 file on the memory card. Put the memory card in, turn the system on and you should be good to go. 

Layout your pieces, plan the look and feel of your case. Once you have it. Break out the sections of foam that need to be cut. Cut the foam, put the cut side to the bottom of the case, and put your materials in.

Have you had any issues shipping the case?

Surprisingly NO. We have carried them on planes. Put them on as baggage. They have been inspected by Canadian and US Customs without issue. UPS, USPS have shipped them. 

In fact one time we dropped one off with Handcuffs on the handle. You know James Bond Style. I contacted UPS:

"I have a Marketing Hardshell case. We have handcuffs attached to the handle. Will you pick this up in PA and ship to Tx?"

Want a Shock and Awe Case?

ONLY $489.00 USD
Shipping and Handling in North America Included.